Transformers: Revolution – Immigration to Earth (One Shot) – Part 2

Chapter Two:

Whisper of Change

A brunette, brown eyed boy flew down the stairs dressed in jeans and a rust-colored shirt. His father, who looked very much like him, only older, was waiting for him.

“Do you always come down so late, Spike?” He inquired.

Jacob “Spike” Witwicky sighed, annoyed.

Daniel Witwicky continued, “Well, I made bacon and eggs. Better eat them while they’re hot!”

Spike put his backpack down next to his chair.

As he scooped his breakfast out of the pan, he looked around and asked, “Where’s Taylor?”

“She’s getting ready for an important meeting” his father responded.

“Is it about the Autobots?”

Daniel took a sip of his coffee before continuing.

“I think so. She is the ambassador after all.”

Spike whistled. “Glad I don’t have to be in her shoes. I’m nervous enough just speaking to Carly.”

Daniel smiled. “Well, I’m sure once you get to know her better, it won’t be so scary.”

Tip, tap, tip, tap, tip, tap.

The two turned to the stairway. There was Taylor McCarthy, descending down the stairs. Her hair was curled, side-swept bangs neatly combed. She wore gleaming silver dangle earrings which tossed with every step. She wore light-khaki pants and coat, with a white shirt underneath; light-colored eye shadow, black mascara, and red lip gloss. most surprising of all, black high heels, and plaid blue rimmed glasses.

“Wow!” Daniel exclaimed, “Taylor, you look absolutely stunning!”

Taylor blushed. “Thanks Daniel!”

“You sure you’re not gonna flirt your way into that treaty?” Spike joked.

Taylor made a face. “No, of course not! I want to look my best to show my respect!”

“Well, you did a good job,” Daniel complimented, “Now get in here and have some breakfast before you become more beauty than brains!”

Taylor chuckled. “Yes sir!”

Everyone sat down at the table. Daniel had a thick newspaper in his hands, Spike was scarfing down his food, and Taylor sat calmly on the left end, silently sipping coffee. Then, Spike straightened.

“Hey Taylor, what’s the point of the glasses?”

Taylor put her coffee mug down and unconsciously adjusted them on her nose.

“I mean, you don’t even need them!”

Taylor smiled at her own response. “Doctor’s orders.”

She paused at Spike’s puzzled look before continuing, “Ratchet, our chief medical officer. He told me I should wear them any time I’m outdoors or in public.”

She took her lenses off briefly for a second to reveal her bright, electric blue eye.

“If the Decepticon’s spies were to see me and get a read on this energon signature, I could put a lot of lives at risk.”

Daniel lowered his newspaper slightly at that responds to examine his son’s reaction.

“Wow…All of that for your eye” Spike commented, “I’m so sorry.”

Taylor put her glasses back on. She shrugged.

“Eh, it’s not so bad. Actually, I think I look pretty good in glasses.”

Just then, there was the sound of a car pulling up in the drive way. Spike jumped up.

“Gotta go! See ya!” Spike cried.

He jumped from his seat, threw his plate and utensils into the sink, and grabbed his backpack.

“Wait just a minute mister!” Daniel called.

Spike groaned as he reluctantly dashed to give hugs to his father, and ran out the door. Taylor saw a blue convertible in the driveway. Taylor got up to the window long enough to wave at the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Carly Summers before they took off down the road.

Taylor sat back down.

“Hard to believe that next fall, he’ll be a senior” she sighed, “Feels like just yesterday I was his third grade teacher.”

Daniel scoffed. “Don’t remind me, it dates me! I’m becoming an old fossil.”

“Hey, look who you’re talking too!” Taylor mocked, chortling.

“Well, you’re an alien. You have the ability to keep your good looks” Daniel continued.

“True. Very true” replied Taylor, with a wink.

There was laughter, then there was silence.

Taylor finished her meal, and began cleaning up.

“Are you nervous?” Daniel asked.

Taylor shrugged. “A little.”

She loaded the dishwasher and turned around.

“I mean, I’m a tactician, not a diplomat. Prime is better at that than me. I don’t wanna screw up.”

“Well, he’s the Prime Commander right? Won’t he be there?”


Daniel straightened. “I didn’t get a chance to know Prime very long, but I could sense he has a great deal of wisdom to share. I’m sure he’ll guide you to say the right things.”

“Yeah, I guess…”

Taylor glanced down at the floor.

“He has enough to deal with already.”

Taylor checked the watch on her right wrist that was hidden by her sleeves.

“Well, guess I need to get Bumblebee and get moving.” Daniel smiled.

“You’ll do fine. I’ll be thinking about you.”

Taylor smiled. “Thanks, Dan.”


Taylor walked back to the garage about and hour later, where Bumblebee sat patiently, waiting for her return.

He was surprised. “So this is how human females look like when they wanna ‘look their best’?”

Taylor looked down at herself, then replied, “Yes?”

He smiled. “You look nice.”

Taylor blushed. “Thanks! Now let’s get moving! We’ve got a meeting to catch!”

“Yes sir!”

Bumblebee stood up as far as he could (Not much since he couldn’t stand perfectly straight in the cramped garage, even at his size), and transformed into a Volkswagen Beetle. He opened his driver’s side door, and Taylor climbed in.

“Roll out!”

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