The Piper Chronicles: 30 Day OC Challenge – Day 12: Kigurumi

Hello everyone! So I’ve decided to do the 30 Day [Original Character] Challenge! I’m going to do my Doctor Who OC Piper as my first contestant for this challenge! This is gonna be fun! Check back daily for new posts. I’m going to be doing this the whole month of April!

TPC Day 12 Watermarked.png

“‘Kigurumi’ comes from a combination of two Japanese words: kiru (‘to wear’) and nuigurumi (‘stuffed toy’). Traditionally, it referred specifically to the performers wearing the costume, but the word has since grown to include the costumes themselves.” – “What is Kigurumi?“,

Leave a favorite if you’re enjoying not only this OC Challenge, but The Piper Chronicles in general so far! Happy April! Also feel free to leave a comment! I love hearing your opinions!

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