Wrapping up March!

Sorry guys, I got sick so I never got to do a post for February. On the plus side that’s given me more material to discuss!


– Continue Saving money for Busch Gardens

After doing the math, I am delighted that I’ll have money leftover regardless of what kind of pass I purchase, wether it’s a regular pass or a membership. I still want to save more, as I desire for money to not be an option this Summer.

– Open a bank account

My Etsy shop has been halted because it turns out I can’t use PayPal alone for an Etsy shop. So I’m a bit stuck until then.

Various Favorites:

– Doctor Who Titan Comics 10th Doctor Year 2 Issue 5

TV Show/Movies:

– Sarah Jane Adventures

Doctor Who has been a bit depressing for me to watch, so my Mom and I have been watching it’s kid-friendly spin off starring Elizabeth Sladen as 4th Doctor companion Sarah Jane Smith. She battles all kinds of aliens back on planet Earth with the help of her adopted boy genius Luke, the every man Clyde, and the journalist-in-training Rani. This show is really good! It’s a nice breath of fresh air to see less death occur, and a more upbeat tone. The cast are very enjoyable and well-rounded. I highly recommend it!

– Ninjago Season 8

A little background: I consider myself a Ninjago veteran, and have been following this Lego franchise since it’s birth in 2011. However, I took a break after season 4 in an attempt to focus on my original work. But since the decision to revive my Original Character series, I have revisited it and attempting to catch up. From the snippets I’ve seen of seasons 5-7, I’ve realized the writers were attempting to grow up a bit with their audience and give the cast more character conflict and drama; and season 8 is no exception.

I noticed right away that Lloyd Garmadon, the green/golden ninja and the chosen one of this universe, has a new voice actor, a welcomed change since the actor prior was giving a very distracting, very girly voice (because he is in fact played by a woman). I also noticed that the writers of Ninjago have been listening to critism and attempting to give Lloyd more personality. So far, I personally believe they have succeeded. There is also a plot twist concerning the leader’s identity of the Sons of Garmadon that was a great choice (however I will not be spoiling it). Finally, my other favorite aspect is taking a similar plot point from Captain America: Civil War, in that they address the consequences inflicted on the citizens of Ninjago after devastating battles. Ninjago has been no stranger to be “inspired” by movies released during the time each seasons are written, but it’s done very well and you feel for the victims and their heartbreak.

(Sorry, I tend to rant a lot when talking about Ninjago, but it’s a show I love to discuss and knitpick đŸ˜‰ )

– The Black Panther

I don’t usually like the idea of having a favorite Marvel movie, because there are so many I like, I can’t narrow it down. However, Black Panther I can safely say is a favorite! The character cast are absolutely amazing! They are all unique and fully fleshed out! Wakanda, the kingdom where the movie primarily takes place in, is an amazing place in both looks and inner-workings! I can totally see why many people are ranking it among Middle Earth and Narnia! The villains are impressive as well! You sympathize with the main villain and you almost want him to succeed if he didn’t use such terrible methods to achieve them. I highly recommend this movie as well!

– The Peanuts Movie (2015)

The Peanuts movie is one I avoided when it came out because it came from Blue Sky Studios, primarily known for the Ice Age saga. They have a reputation for making cash-grab type and being super lazy with their stories and characters. However, once I read the reviews for it, I decided to buy it at last year’s Black Friday and gave it a try. I was not disappointed. The Peanuts Movie has a simple story, but it’s very charming! All the characters are enjoyable to watch. It’s the cleanest movie I have seen in years as well! Your kids can watch it without any fear of potty humor or innuendos!

I later found out that Charles Schultz’s sons oversaw the project and it clearly shows! Another awesome movie that is perfect for your children!

– The Greatest Showman

My family is a huge fan of Hugh Jackman so everyone wanted to see it. It’s a very whimsical spectacle. The music is very good, the visuals impressive, and a pretty good character cast. If you’re a fan of musicals, this is a great movie to watch!

– A Wrinkle in Time (2018)

When I first saw the trailers for this, I was really excited. A Wrinkle in Time was one of my favorite books I read back when I was in school. I was especially excited to see Chris Pine as the father, along with the mixed character cast. So my family and I finally went to see it and…It was a bit underwhelming. A lot of story was missing, along with character chemistry. It seemed more like a display of visual effects than a three-act story, but even then the visual effects looked average. Aside from the actor’s great skills, there isn’t much else impressive with it.

March Mixtape:

I’ve been exploring a lot of International music this month, not just Celtic music. I’ve definitely founds some new favorites!

– Hawaii: Traditional Hula album by Halau Hula Ka No’eau (Hawaii Arts Esamble)

– Hofbrauhaus by Mario Lanza, Johannes Rediske, and His Band

– Esellied (The Donkey Song) by Party Kryner

– Black Panther Original Soundtrack

– Water Under the Bridge by Adele

– Good to be Alive from the Peanuts Movie (2015) by Meghan Trainor

– Better When I’m Dancing from the Peanuts Movie (2015) by Meghan Trainor

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