TF: Revolution – Knightingale Flies Again – Chapter 16

Chapter Sixteen:

Deadly Power Within

“Knightingale? Kscccchhh-ingale! Come on Kscccccchhhh-answer me!”

Taylor rose from the subconscious darkness. She could hear the crackling of fire and the groaning of metal beams ready to snap and fall. She felt herself in a sprawled position among the debris of the ship. She could feel blood falling down her face. She laid there for a moment, feeling so weak. Her head palpitated and her world spun. She also felt boiling hot. Her comm link in her ear was now screeching as someone was trying to communicate to her. However, the grinding sound straight in her eardrums was causing her more pain and promptly pulled it out. For a minute, she felt bad. She knew who that was pleading for her answer on the other end. But, this thought was quickly forgotten when she saw a piece of the aircraft roof melt and fall towards her. “Eep!” She yelped and quickly rolled out of the way as it fell. It was then she realized what had happened: Something big had shot the back of the aircraft and caused her to crash. She was now “safely” on the ground, with only a few bruises. There was fire everywhere, as well as debris among other things littering the field for miles. She was unsure where she was, but she knew she needed to regroup with the rest of the Autobots, or the military. She had a bad feeling about this.

She walked a little ways before she could hear the clanging of metal and grunting. She picked up her pace, slightly, a bit excitedly. She was moving fast downhill back towards the outskirts of the power plant, then halted about a mile away. She suddenly found saw Optimus Prime. He and Megatron were continuing to clash one-on-one. Megatron’s spiked mace, dropping with dark energon, swished, and Optimus’s orange war axe swung, commencing a collision of bright colors in the dark. Taylor was debating whether or not to interfere. Could she help Optimus? Or would she only get in the way and cause Megatron to have the upper hand? Suddenly all those questions were answered when she saw something: Something wispy, and floaty. She heard a sound, some weird, unsettling noise, like the integrating sound of metal gears moving and connecting, what the normal transforming effect of what normal Cybertronians sounded like. Only, it sounded so foreign; and yet, it sounded so familiar. She had heard that sound before; a very long time ago… Where did it come from? Where did she hear it?

“Look! There’s Air Raid, in that cell up ahead!” Bumblebee cried. He was right. The aerial bot I saw before was sitting in a holding cell, probably because the Decepticons were going to interrogate him. Thank Primus we got there first. “I was wondering when you guys were going to show up” said Air Raid, putting his hands on his hips. “We took the extended tour. Saw the sights, blasted some bad guys, the usual” Sideswipe replied. Suddenly, I heard a noise from above. I turned and looked up. I could swear I saw something out of the corner of my optic, but it wasn’t there anymore. “I wouldn’t get too cocky, Sideswipe,” I said, readying my blaster, “I don’t think we’re alone.” Suddenly, I could hear chuckling as I whirled around and fired.

She knew what they were. She suddenly pulled out her blaster and aimed behind Optimus Prime. “Optimus! Cloaker!” she shouted. In the distance, Optimus Prime whirled around in surprise at the sound of her voice. Then, he saw the wispy entity creep up behind him. Taylor fired from up on the hill, and hit it. A thin, scraggly Decepticon suddenly fizzled into reality and shrieked at the blast to the shoulder from Taylor. Optimus swung his battle axe at the cloaker, but not before the cloaker took a long, sharp sword, slightly wider than a needle, and foisted it into Optimus’s stomach. Optimus managed to slice his war axe into the cloaker’s spark, and it slumped over and deactivated. Optimus grunted, clutching the wound, and falling to his knees. Taylor dashed down the hill and ran to him. When she got there, two more cloakers appeared. Taylor changed her blaster into her energon sword and swiped at their legs. They groaned and gurgled in pain before Taylor took her weapon and stabbed both in the spark. She whirled around. “Prime! I’m so sorry!” she cried. “Rgh, I’m fine” Optimus Prime grunted. “No you’re not! You’re bleeding!” Taylor insisted, her eyes widening at the blue, liquidated energon dripping from his wound.

She heard a cackle. Taylor knew instantly who it was, and stood in front of Optimus as Megatron appeared from the shadows of the moonlight. She stood firm. “Stay away!” she warned. Megatron laughed. “How pathetic is it, Prime, that you have to have a human defend you?” he taunted. Taylor gritted her teeth. Gusts began to pick up as her hair blew in the wind. She felt a chill down her spine, but not because of Megatron. Her eyes remained glued to him, a look of rage in them. “SHUT UP!” She was getting real angry. She didn’t know if it was because of the Decepticon taunting her of her puny size, or if it was because she was sick of seeing her friends getting hurt in front of her. “Knightingale!” Taylor turned to her right to see Bumblebee, being held back by Ratchet. He looked frightened. Once Taylor turned back to Megatron, she saw the enormous barrel of his cannon in her face, ready to fire. Before Taylor could react, Optimus took his hand and swiped her away before it fired. Taylor flew back and rolled onto the ground. She heaved herself back up, spitting out the bits of Earth that flew into her mouth. She roared, angrily, and was about to march back over, but someone grabbed her. “Knightingale, don’t!” She knew it was Bumblebee. “Let me go!” she yelled, slamming her fists into his, “Let go of me!” More Decepticons appeared. Optimus Prime managed to get back on his feet, and ordered in a loud, firm voice, “Autobots! Fall back!” “Optimus-!” Ratchet objected. “GO!” Optimus shouted. He glanced at Taylor, then at Bumblebee and commanded, “Get her far away from here!” Everyone understood very clear what Optimus’s plans were: He wanted everyone to run away from the Decepticons as far as possible, while he would occupy them, and fight them alone.

Bumblebee had to tighten his grip on Taylor, who was endlessly squirming to get out of his hold. “Let me go, Bumblebee!” she shouted again. “No! I’m not going to let you get hurt again!” Bumblebee snapped. Taylor looked at him, then at the other Autobots with a raging glare. “You know he’s gonna die! You know he’s gonna die if we don’t help him!” she pleaded. “Optimus knows what he’s doing. You know he wants us to get away so we can fight ‘nother day” said Ironhide. Taylor couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “OPTIMUS IS WRONG!” she suddenly yelled. Everyone was surprised at her outburst. No one would openly acknowledge when Optimus Prime was wrong, and that’s because he rarely ever was. But they kept moving back. Optimus Prime was getting farther, and farther away into the distance, getting almost senselessly beaten by the overwhelming offense of the Decepticons.

Something began to change inside the hybrid human. A rolling sensation of energy began to build up inside her, as her determination to get to the clashing leaders grew fiercely. Her fists tightened and a great strength thrived. The Autobots soon began to notice too. She wasn’t just mentally changing, she was physically changing. Her eyes began to change. The black pupils in her eyes were rounding more fully, and whitening. Her green iris’ were changing into a blinding, fluorescent blue. The wind started blowing fiercely through her red hair, which was also forming its own glow. Weaving, jagged lines, which the Autobots neglected to know were blood veins, also began to shine in the same intense blue color. “Knightingale, what’s happening to you!?” Taylor didn’t answer. Her ears were now deaf to them.

Taylor took her fingers, and pried Bumblebee’s fist open so she could fall back down at the ground. “Knightingale, what are you doing!? Stop!” But she didn’t listen. She jumped back to her feet and began to run, faster, and faster. Whatever was happening, however harsh the wind blew or the ground shook, whoever was telling her to stop, and pursuing after her, all of these things melted away. Knightingale had only one objective: To destroy Megatron!

She drew her sword, which was now a blinding white light, which would be seen for miles around. Both Megatron and Optimus Prime were shocked at who and what they could see coming towards them. They froze, unable to react. Knightingale screamed so loud, in such rage and fury, it felt like her lungs were about to be chucked out through her mouth. Her hair blew in the wind gracefully, as if she was underwater. She slashed right at Megatron’s knees. She was so fast, he couldn’t react in time. She swished, and clashed until Megatron lost his balance and fell over. Knightingale jumped onto him. Her sword dismantled and was now a cuff on her arm and wrist. She threw up her fists and began punching his chassis, over and over, and over. Dent upon dent, upon dent was being crafted into Megatron’s chest casing. No fear. He tried to use his sharp, taloned fingers to swipe her away, but she grabbed them with lightning-fast reflexives, and bent them so far back, they shattered. No mercy. She stopped, but only to make the weapon on her arm turned back into an energon sword. She grinned the most terrifying, and psychotically horrific grin, as if the act of senselessly beating this Decepticon was the most satisfying experience she had ever had. Finally, she took the sword, and forced it into Megatron’s side, the exact area in the body that Optimus had been stabbed in. “You know Megatron, you were right about one thing”  She sneered, the shadows of the full moon covering her face. Megatron grunted and hacked and ounce of energon out of his throat. And…What would that be, flesh creature?” He spatted, pretending not to be the slightest bit intimidated by her. A bright, pure, blue light emitted from underneath her black top, from underneath her chest. Then, Taylor moved into the moonlight, face to face with the barbaric king of darkness.

“I AM a monster!”

Taylor screamed in fury as a surge of energy burst through her as she let out a shockwave of destructible power. Pure, white light exploded forth. Decepticons were immediately shut down from all directions, the Autobots were thrown off balance. Megatron’s chassis was slashed deeply as he cried out in pain the loudest cry he had ever conceived as he was thrown back.

“And proud of it!”

Knightingale took her sword, and began to stab him repeatedly, again, and again, and again, with uncontrollable rage.



No one ever knew how she was able to hear his voice. But however she was able to hear him, his voice rattled her deep to her bones. She froze, abruptly. She began to consciously see what she was looking at. She could see Megatron in front of her, raspy and gasping for breath. She could see the deep dents and slash marks she had made into him. Purple, glowing, dark energon leaked from every cut she created. She felt a chill down her spine again. Slowly, she turned her face over to her left, where she could see Optimus Prime. The metal, geared pupils in his optics were constricted, and he wore the most pale, most shocked look on his face. It scared her. “That’s enough” he said again, more calm, but also with an underlying fear in his tone.

Taylor looked back at the condition of Megatron. “Did…Did I do this?” she wondered. She slowly got up to her feet, climbed down, and backed away, still terrified at what she had done. She didn’t mean for it to get this far. She didn’t mean to do this. She just wanted him safe. She just wanted her family to be safe, safe from the lord of darkness. She turned slowly around behind her. All the Autobots were watching her. Everyone was pale, and disturbed. Some even had their mouths hung open. In great contrast to what she felt just seconds ago, she beginning to break down inside. She must’ve looked like a demon! What did her friends think of her now? Did they still think of her as a friend? An ally? Family? She looked at Bumblebee. Her best friend. The one whom she would give her life for. The one whom she would do anything to keep far away from harm. Did he still care about her? After what she had done? “Bumblebee…” she breathed, her voice quivering. In the distance, he could see the name she had mouthed. He stepped forward, no one knowing of what he was thinking.

Just as the shock of the aftermath was beginning to leave her, she suddenly felt a searing, jolting pain fly straight through her, faster than lightning. Her breath had been aggressively been yanked from her. Slowly, she looked down. A dark, purple crystal, sharp as a needle, had been pierced straight through her heart. Dark energon. She could see the Autobots shout inaudible screams. Not out of terror anymore, but horror. “Even with your incredible power, you are still a weak, feeble fleshling!” A tired, panting, raspy voice hissed behind her. Megatron.  The blade was shot back out. Before any of the autobots could react, Megatron transformed into an cybertronian, aerial vehicle, and flew away, with the last remaining Decepticons following.


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