10.31.17 – Night at the Boo-seum + Halloween Festivities

That day was the day of one of my favorite holidays. Why? I could care less about the spookiness and the candy! I just love to dress up! For the past few years, I have been planning and volunteering at MOA’s annual MOA’s Night at the Boo-Seum.

I’m usually in charge of part or all of the crafts at the Boo-Seum event. This year, I decided to focus on the certain species associated with Halloween: bats. Now, as we all know, bats are real mammals and are not associated with dark arts. So, I wanted to teach children how real and helpful bats are, and encourage them and their parents to look into creative ways to bring them back into our local area, as there aren’t many.

Thus, I decided to put together a science fair-esk presentation, along with a cool craft!

Bat presentation.png

The presentation didn’t get much attention, which made me sad. But I can’t complain, because it counts towards school. So, it wasn’t wasted at all!


This was the craft that I chose for the kids coming in to make. Admittedly, I felt like there were so many parts and steps that it confused the kids, but I think it was worth it, considering kids are able to hang them up. My siblings and I hung ours on a fake plant in the front room. They will likely continue to hang there even through Christmas! (Hanging Bat Craft Kids)

Bat tree watermarked.png


I decided to be a Stark Trek officer this year. I almost decided to be Kai from Ninjago, but I didn’t have time or money to put together one.

Star trek uniform watermarked.png

I used a yellow shirt, black, gold, and silver fabric paint, and black fabric to put this together. I only painted the top black because fabric paint can get very uncomfortable. I resorted to use the black fabric for the bottom. As you may or may not be able to tell, I decided to design my shirt as a lieutenant commander security officer. I made one for each of my parents as well: Dad with the red, commanding captain shirt and my mom, a blue, commander, science and medical shirt.

Meanwhile, little sister and my youngest little brother decided to be Justice League members. My sister was Wonder Woman, and my youngest little brother was Cyborg. My other brother went as Steve from Minecraft. For the sake of privacy, I am unable to show you any pictures. Just know, that they were cool! 😉

I helped with the Wonder Woman and Cyborg outfits. I took me a LONG time to paint them! And it took even longer to make the Godkiller sword! I think next time I’m asked to make one of those, I may ask for payment! I took a page out of how cosplayers make their weapons out of foam board, so that’s what I did. I also used duck tape, and painted over it to blend in the colors.

Godkiller watermarked.png


I bought some pumpkin garland to hang up in my room. I bought it from Target in the $1 to $3 section. It stayed up in my bedroom window until after Thanksgiving. It was worth the price.

Pumpkin garland watermark 1.png Pumpkin garland watermark 2.png


Sorry it took so long for me to post this! I wasn’t exactly sure how to compose this, and I’m also not used to actively making blog posts, thus, not conscious of taking pictures.

So, what did you dress up as this Halloween? Let me know in the comments!

So long! ❤





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