TF: Revolution – Knightingale Flies Again – Chapter 2

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Chapter Two:

Remembering the Mission

Knightingale was surprised at first when the clear liquid began pouring rapidly onto her head. But, soon enough, she was feeling relaxed. “So, this is what a shower is” she thought. She ran her fingers through her silky red hair. She pulled some of it forward to look at it more closely. She remembered when Thomas had brought a mirror to her. It was when she was introduced to her new human features: Eyeballs, with pupils of green, moist pink lips, pink and white nails on both her fingers and toes. “Some humans even paint those” Thomas had commented. Best of all, she could see her short, wavy red hair. She was told that only five percent of the human population had red hair. Being that her original colors were blue and gray, she would never have imagined to have red hair. But, she considered herself fortunate nonetheless. She looked up at the faucet hose, and squinted her eyes to look at it. It was round, with a whole bunch of tiny little holes, where the liquid was squirting out of.

Then, a strange thing started to happen. Something changed when she continued to stare at the shower hose. She suddenly saw a bunch of rapid flashing lights, then a cry of terror. She could hear her own voice scream something. She grew frightened and quickly backed away from the faucet, then. She slipped on the water that was on the ground and fell backwards. She scrambled up, expecting someone to attack her. She was outside now. Flashes of light were everywhere. She lost control of her own body, fully entering the dreamlike state. She felt the weight of something on one side. She turned her head to see a yellow and red figure, half-conscious, leaning on her. She could feel her chest twist into a knot when she saw it. “It’s okay, we’re gonna be okay, we’re gonna be okay, Bumblebee.”  She could hear herself reassure. “Bumblebee?” That name…That was someone she knew…Someone she cared about…Then, the flashes of light happened again. This time, she was blinded.


She fell back down again, backing up against the wall. “Bumblebee! Bumblebee!” she continue to cry, her heart racing. A group of soldiers burst into the room. One of them had a large, folded white towel in their hands. “Nightingale, are you okay? What happened?” The female soldier covered her in the towel as Knightingale curled back up into a ball. The female soldier turned to her workmates and snapped, “Show some respect, men!” She couldn’t see why the female soldier say that, and she didn’t care. She shivered, whimpering. She felt traumatized. “Bumblebee…He was my friend…He was my…My…” She slowly stopped panting, and focused on keeping herself from crying. “Nightingale, what…happened?” the soldier asked again, more firmly. “Bumblebee…” Knightingale mumbled. “Bumblebee? Like, the insect Bumblebee? What does that have to do with anything?” Knightingale didn’t say any more. She refused to divulge the context of her meltdown, not to these strangers. The female soldier sighed. “Okay, let’s take you back to your room.”


Knightingale couldn’t sleep at all that night. The room was dark, the light was off, and everyone else was asleep. She had her hands behind her head, staring at the ceiling for hours. In the silence, she was starting to remember. Or rather, the memories were resurfacing.

“How was the test?” he asked. Knightingale said nothing as she sat on the platform next to him. She grabbed a holo-record of her reports and began looking at it. He raised an eyebrow.

“Knightingale?” He asked again.

Knightingale looked at him, then closed her eyes and sighed. “I passed.”

“Well, that’s great! I don’t see why you’re upset about it.”

“I looked at the scoreboards, Bee. I’m being transferred to the Beta Quadrant. You’re remaining here, in the Alpha Quadrant.”

His eyes widened. “Wh-What? You’re being transferred!? Are you sure you read that right?”

“I always read it right. My scores resulted as a Tactician. Which I’m glad it is, but…” She put her hands on her face and sighed. “I don’t want to leave.”

The two sat in awkward silence for a while. The beta quadrant was on the other end of the hemisphere. They would never see each other again. At least, highly unlikely.

“Well, you can still send messages…right?” Bumblebee asked. “Right…”  She replied, uncertainly.

There was another moment of silence.

“When are you leaving?”

“Tomorrow, at 0500 cycles.”

Bumblebee put his hand on her shoulder.

“Hey, we’ll see each other again, right? When the war is over, you can come back” he said, trying to be encouraging.

“If the war ever ends…” Knightingale sighed.

“Hey…Look at me.”

She gently turned her head to look at him.

“You’ll be fine. Just come back in one piece, alright?”

Knightingale smiled. “Alright.”

In the peace and silence, everything came back.

“They made it! They’re through!” announced the commander. “I can’t see anything! Bumblebee, Knightingale, my scans show that Optimus should be right on top of you” said Ratchet. As soon as the words left his mouth, there was Optimus, hurdling right towards them. Knightingale jumped out of the way but Bumblebee was hit, tumbling back. “BUMBLEBEE!” Knightingale shouted. Bumblebee grabbed the edge before falling into the gears below him. He struggled up and took Knightingale’s hand.

I was…” She whispered, too low for the camera in the corner of the room to hear her, “I was a captain. We were on the Ark, heading for the vortex, then…Then the Decepticons attacked. The Ark was coming apart. Bumblebee and I were restoring the shield generators, then Ratchet called and said he lost contact with Optimus Prime…”

She pictured the legendary Prime in her mind: Tall, Noble, the glowing red blade of his battle axe shredding through the dark. His old, sad, but hopeful blue optics. The one she had admired, the one she joyfully submitted to, because she believed in him.

Knightingale continued: “We headed into the engine room. There was a huge hole in the ceiling. Finally, we found Optimus Prime. But he wasn’t alone. Megatron was there, and he had just about beaten him within an inch of his spark!” Knightingale’s memory started to get fuzzy again. The images flashed in her head. A huge, gray figure had thrown the Prime right towards, and crashed into her. She heard herself ‘Oof!’ As well as another. It was Bumblebee.

She could see him clearly now: Short, shorter than her, pastel yellow, a friendly, passionate, hopeful face. He carried a sword and shield. Her dearest and most trustworthy friend. Then, they flashed by so quickly: debris flying, the giant flames engulfing the battered Ark, causing flashes of disoriented light. She could only hear her own words through the chaos:


“Bumblebee, no! Get back here! That’s an order!”

“No! Nooooo! Bumblebeeeee!”

A cannon fired. He was shot.

Knightingale flashed open her eyes. She sat up, panting. Tears filled her eyes when she realized the horrible truth: Bumblebee was dead, and the Ark crashed into oblivion.

She was the only one left.

She laid back on her pillow, covered her mouth, and started to cry. She turned over in her bed, hiding her face with the blanket. Everyone else was dead! Her team, her friends, Bumblebee. “We tried!” She gasped, “We tried so hard! And for what? Nothing!” She laid there for what seemed like forever. The clock on her nightstand ticked and tocked, as the hours went by.

Then, she stopped. She wiped her eyes and took a deep breath. She came to a conclusion.

“I have to carry on the mission” she decided, “It’s my responsibility. Sitting here doing nothing but moping, and leaking my eyes out, will dishonor their memory. I will find a way to get out of here, and I will live among the humans as if I was one. The mission was to find a new world and work to rebuild our society. I will do just that.

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  1. Hey! I hadn’t read this one, it’s great! I wish I had time to read part 3 but I have to leave, though I will be back! Keep up the fantastic writing and amazing artwork. K.

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