Transformers: Revolution – Story & Meet the Cast


When Knightingale boards the Ark, her people’s last hope from extinction, she finds herself separated from her friends and comrades, sucked into the vaccums of space to be lost forever. But that’s not what fate had in store for her.

Over three thousand years later, Knightingale is reborn as a hybrid being, constructed by human scientists to become the world’s first super soldier. Determined to complete her people’s mission, Knightingale, now Taylor McCarthy, escapes her captors and lives a secret life as a “normal” human being on Earth.

Eventually, Taylor’s past catches up with her, and she must do everything to protect and guide her friends through this strange new world, as old enemies return to conquer their new home.


Taylor Watermarked

Capt. Knightingale | Alias: Taylor McCarthy

Taylor loves reading, especially History, but never had the chance to embrace it. However, once she crashes on Earth and is reborn as human, she becomes an elementary school teacher. She is also a nanny to a wonderful, but slightly awkward boy Jacob Witwicky and lived with him and his father Daniel.

When Taylor’s old friends are revived from slumber, she must sadly put this life away, and help them fight off their old foes while also adjusting them to this foreign planet.

TFR Bumblebee design watermark

Lt. Bumblebee

Bumblebee is an ambitious and determined young scout for the Autobots. Formerly on Team Prime before joining Team Knightingale, Bumblebee is always ready to put his life on the line for the Autobot cause, as well as leading his team whenever he gets a chance.

Now his new mission is to act as Captain Knightingale’s guardian, not only protecting her from the world and the brutal Decepticons, but also seeking information regarding human life and culture.

Side Characters:


Jacob “Spike” Witwicky: the son of Daniel Witwicky; simple, awkward, but with a good heart

– Daniel “Sparkplug” Witwicky: Father of Jacob Witwicky; works on an oil rig in the Pacific Ocean and is sometimes gone for months, which was why Taylor stood up to be his son’s nanny.


-Cpl. Dakota Fisher: A young officer formerly in the US Marine Corp whom Taylor sub-consciously decides to take under her wing.

-Hotline: A nervous and anti-social mechanic who becomes Dakota’s partner.


-Optimus Prime: The leader and commander of the Autobots. He thought he had failed his people when the Ark was caught through the Time Vortex and nearly destroying the ship. However, when he and his people are revived thousands of years later on the planet Earth, Prime is determined to not make the same mistake twice.

Ironhide: The tough, gruff weapons specialist of Team Prime, and one of Prime’s right hand bots.

Jazz: Optimus Prime’s smooth, suave intelligence officer.

Ratchet: The calm and logical medic of Team Prime and also Optimus’s other right hand bot.

Major William Lennox: One of the leaders at N.E.S.T. (None-Biological Extra-Terrestrial Species Treaty) who formerly served in the US Army.

General Thomas Morshower: The head of N.E.S.T. and Taylor’s old friend.

Nightshock: A stone-cold serious assassin on Team Knightingale.

Ag. Iris Janis: A firm, former F.B.I. agent and Nightshock’s human partner.

Roadshot: A wild, passionate southern bell (that is, if she was human) and heavy-tanker of Team Knightingale.

Sgt. Landis Hamilton: A calm and collected former sergeant of the U.S. Army and Roadshot’s partner.

Wadewatch: The quiet and shy medic of Team Knightingale and partner to Dr. Marie Davis.

Dr. Marie Davis: A mousy, but smart human-doctor of Team Knightingale and Wadewatch’s partner.

Cathy: The warm-hearted owner of a small cafe in Copper Springs who is a great listener and counselor.

David Walker: A polite, hardworking cowboy working at a small cattle ranch in Copper Springs.

Rising Hawk: Former caretaker of the house on Mt. Ninovan before Taylor moves in and Native American wood-worker residing in Copper Springs.

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