Transformers: Revolution – Art Gallery

Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a good day!

For those of you who don’t know, I have been on DeviantART for a few years, and have posted my art for my future readers to see. But I realize now that not everyone goes on DeviantART, let alone have an account. So I’ve decided to set up an art gallery that will be constantly updated when I have new art. Any sketches I make I will post on Instagram.

TFR Page image Watermark.png

Knightingale: Real and Cartoon version


Knightingale Autobot Concept

TF-R - Teaser.png

Transformers: Revolution Teaser


Transformers: Revolution Teaser (Early Concept)

c8bc54eed6a28f3fdf89959753463284-d8o94pq.jpg             f8339fa09eb9886502ad17ad719a7220-d8uvzn7.jpg

    Early Concept Photoshop Practice


Transformers: Revolution (Early Concept) Poster


Early Concept Art

TF-R - KFA Cover

Knightingale Flies Again Poster

TF-R KFA Ch1 Watermarked.png

Knightingale Flies Again – Chapter 1

chapter one watermark.png

Disoriented Trauma (Knightingale Flies Again, Chapter 1)

TF-R - KFA Ch2.png

No One Could Outrun the Crash… (Knightingale Flies Again Chapter 2)


There Was No Signal From Where You Were… (Knightingale Flies Again, Chapter 8)

Shaking hands with a hero.png

Shaking Hands with a Hero – Taylor and Wonder Woman

TFR Bumblebee design watermark       1776048deb3aeed509897ec175089345-dby4hyv.png

    Bumblebee Character Concept                              Optimus Prime Character Concept





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